Anatomy of a Dropship store and it’s result

A case study on my own dropship store

Now a days dropship is a new business idea and it’s growing too fast. There are hundreds of facebook groups about dropship and ecommerce, where you will find useful informations to start your own dropship store. It’s now a hot topic on facebook. Millions if not thousands of people are trying to get most out of this business idea. This is not a new thing but it’s now very popular among the age 22 to 45 years old people. From my perspective it’s a shitty idea. Full of wasting money. If you’re not lucky enough you would loose your money. By the way here I am sharing ins and outs of my own store which is “BE REVS”. I was not any intention to do that but I promised my audience that I might test that out and put the result as a case study.

How I started

I started my store on April 2017 after a lots of struggle cause there are some barriers with online business from my homeland “Bangladesh”. We have problem with payment processors and other thing. Getting credit card is another pain in my country. If you’re not an established business man or if you’ve not a secure 9 to 5 job then you most probably won’t get a credit card from this country. PayPal is another dream there. I know you will ask me “Hey Ash ! Why you are not using your debit card or international bank acccount for that ? “ Arrghhhhh ! that is another problem. You can’t pay with that debit card from here cause that is only for domestic use. Weird right ?

By the way any how I have managed all of those shitty things and finally I started my dropship store on April 04, 2017. I have started with Advanced Shopify plan. I have setup everything for my store. The apps I had used there are

  1. Oberlo
  2. RetargetApps
  3. Kit CRM
  4. Checkoutify for Abandoned Carts and Checkouts ( The Apps is developed by our in house team at Digital Develop )
  5. Klaviyo for data driven email marketing

I had also tested some apps like ReCart and Shopified but I had abandoned them.

What was the approach and the result

Now lets talk about what approach I took for the store. First I have developed the store like other mainstream ecommerce store and put my years of experience on eCommerce but to be honest this shit is really different than that. It’s very disappointing to me that those mainstream thing doesn’t work with dropship. That’s why I was forced to change my approach with that and I have hired a VA for that. As I was busy with my agency he maintained everything as per my advice and his experiences.

My VA asked me to run random product choose by analysing google trends, spy on other Shopify stores and validate the products with facebook ads. And he came to me with 3–4 products to test with facebook ads, we ran 7–8 campaign per products and got only one winning product. LOL :D , from my opinion it’s full of shit cause I have spent over $800 and got sales of $449 in total. Not that $449 was my profit. The profit was in minus.

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