As an Entrepreneur and Developer I get inspiration from my past

In 2008 When I am 14 years old I had decided to learn how to code for machine. And I started to learn JavaScript instead of HTML. Everyone who wants to learn code start with HTML but I started with JS though it’s a pain to start from that but I figured that out in a few days. Besides learning JS I already learnt a lot about HTML cause In those days JS was inline in HTML. In a few days I fall in love with Web Development . From the love to web development I did some dig on web on how to make professional looking websites. In 2009 it’s time to move my skills set to next level.

I have bought a website with domain and hosting worth 100$ , I cannot call that as a website cause that is not really a website , the person who sold that to me actually betrayed with me , but that was the big lesson I learnt. By the way the site was on Wordpress which is an open source platform. I really love to discover new things. Though the site was a blog site on Travel but I had added too many new features there and tested any new pluggins with the site. And it really helped me a lot to learn Wordpress from the ground. 2010 I met Obayedul Islam Rabbi from a popular tech blog and we did some great team work on Sitetalk. Regarding on site talk project I really leave the development world . After few months I really quit everything . I had left the online world in 20111–2014. In 2014. I had decided to open an eCommerce store though eCommerce is not as popular as now in those days but we opened a Store Kkartbd where I was only one developer and my friend Utchhwas aka ( Shining Sun ) was the investor behind the project . To be honest with E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (E-Cab’s) help we had got some sales. It’s was the starting point. But again our domain was hijacked by the domain provider . I really felt depressed and after few months I decided to open my individual store Raawaz . But I hadn’t got a big sales from that store though my success start from that Store . One day I had posted on Ecab group that I have lost all my pocket money for running a Facebook advertise campaign . From that post I met my guru Ashfaque Ibn Abdul Awal . He is really too good . He not only a good person but also a real business man. He employed me for his Company Straplinebd , I have learn most of the eCommerce things from his store and his company. He really discovered me which profession would suit me he knows the best. Besides his work I had started to bid on freelancing work. My intention was to get some cash and spend that cash on my own store development . But very soon I realised that I love frontend development and I started to work full time as a freelance developer in the marketplaces. To be honest freelancing is as easy as abc and as hard as rock . There ups and down in the business. I had a grand success on Fiverr really I didn’t appreciated that but my Lord Allah gave me that. After few days my worst day came , all of my payment processor got banned and it’s really broke down me. And you already know that how much pain it is to be not paid even you have the money in you account :-( reallly depressing . But I didn’t gave up , I was in track and continued to work whatever it’s paying me or not. In my worst situation in 2016 I got listed on Shopify Expert portal and my brother Shopify’s South Asian Partner manager Vargab Bakshi raised his hands to help me to get out of the situation and gave me the right path to growing my agency . And he is the person who helped me to be entrepreneur. He encouraged me to establish my Web Development Company and guide me with precious resources. I cannot describe in my words how much great all of these people are and I really appreciate your help in my future. At last I just want to say get inspiration from your past and keep you on track you will be successful if Allah wants . I am still learning about web technologlies and enriching me with technological knowledge.

I love Shopify as much as they love my company as partner. 😑