I’m trying to imagine if I was white, would I find a film entitled “Dear White People” offensive in…
Amber Lisa

It’s not offensive. It’s provocative. It draws a line between different skin colors. It labels. While the world is trying to get to the point of understanding that yes, people are different, yes, certain statistics for each community may exist but it shouldn’t lead to prejudice about any individual, this title states exactly the opposite. What I feel when I see it? I feel wary. That’s a natural reaction on provocation.

And here is the trick. If the movie is really about not-judging all people, if this title is some kind of joke or irony, then it’s alright. But if the movie really blames white people then it doesn’t make sense because its title just suggested that all white people are the same. If so, then it’s racism.

The author mentioned that there are a lot of “black people” generalizations around. Well, yes, there are white assholes in this world. Quite a lot. Simply because there are a lot of white people and it would be impossible for all of them being angels. There are assholes of all possible races, ages, genders, etc. But…it doesn’t mean that everybody should do the same. If you want to make the world a better place — don’t be a part of its ugliness.