What comes to your mind when someone says “marble sculpture”? My first associations are Ancient Greece, Michelangelo, romance, perfect and mostly naked bodies, broken and missing body parts, myths and heroes. Something along these lines:

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“A room is a room is a room”, — would probably say Gertrude Stein if asked. She would be right —for thousands of years, people inhabited all kinds of rooms, adapting them for all possible purposes, decorating them in all the ways we could imagine. It’s hard to come up with something really new in such circumstances. However, there is a catch. For all that time we cared only about rooms people had to spend time in. It could be a pleasant time or pretty horrible but still, these were rooms to inhabit. So there comes an obvious opportunity for…

Recently Westminster Abbey got a new window. You could see these pictures in media: grim and dark gothic walls, complex stained glass windows and proud David Hockney in front of his new creation: bright and happy, made in his signature childish style. The Queen’s Window was designed on iPad and apparently it “reflects the Queen as a countrywoman and her widespread delight in, and yearning for, the countryside”.

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Just look how happy he is (source)

London is no stranger to eclectic, one would even say that mixing old and new is one of its main features. However, in this case, the combination doesn’t even look this controversial…

No art exists in a vacuum — it’s always influenced by politics, society, trends, wars, private life of its creators and what not. And sometimes it’s inspired by science.


In November 1609 Galileo saw the moon in his new improved telescope for the first time. What he saw surprised him: the moon, the great heavenly object, was not an ideal, perfectly smooth sphere. Instead, it appeared to have a dark side and was covered with valleys and mountains, just like the Earth. This discovery made his friend Cigoli to draw a more realistic version of the moon in his fresco…

Why paint something that has already been painted? Turns out, there may be plenty of reasons.

1. Because the customer is always right

Once upon a time Manuel Godoy, a prime minister of Spain and a womanizer, ordered Goya something unusual: two pictures of a woman, first with her clothes on, second completely naked. The pictures were placed in a private room, the naked one behind the clothed one, with a special mechanism which allowed to uncover the nude version. In 1808 the naked picture was discovered by the Spanish Inquisition and Godoy and Goya were brought before a tribunal. …

I landed my job at Facebook about a half a year ago and it turned out to be even more fulfilling than I expected.

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Day by day

I still remember my interview day. I remember lying on the puff chair in the hall, waiting for my interviewer and looking at people passing by. The fact that they were passing by was pleasant by itself — it was still morning but not too early, maybe 10 or 11 AM. So I already could tell that people don’t feel guilty for showing up later than 9 AM. It was a good sign. Then, when my…

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You guessed it right, I just watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Absolutely stunning movie.

This June I joined Facebook as an Android engineer. It was my first time in Silicon Valley, the first time in a company where you can never understand everything because it’s just too big and also it was the very first time when I signed the contract before I knew what I was going to work on. As you may know, Facebook hires people without any particular plans for them. Instead, it conducts an internal job fair and allows newcomers to spend some time with different teams to choose the one that suits them best. That’s how I’ve found myself…

What you should know before you enter into this relationship

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THIS wasn’t in my job description!!!

When I joined the startup I fell in love with it. When I left it I was hating every day spent there. I started wondering what and when went wrong and suddenly I realized that I failed the interview. I was so obsessed with the desire to make the right impression, to answer all the questions correctly, that I completely forgot that the interview should be a two-way process. The CEO of the company I wanted to join was sitting right in front of me but I didn’t know what…

Every time when I consider taking some new activity I look for the reviews. With Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree I didn’t have such an opportunity: the program had just been announced and the number of applications was growing so fast that I had to apply immediately to have a chance to be among the very first to do it. Now, when the Term 1 is over, I’d like to share my experience.

First things first. Was it worth the money and the time spent on it? The answer is YES. …

Anna Kravchuk

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