5th IRAN International Public Health Summer School (IPHS2017)

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🔷What is IPHS2017?

The 5th IRAN International Public Health Summer School (IPHS2017) is a 7-day long course that aims to promote public health through introducing the minds of eager and interested participants to its key concepts. The educational program includes an approximately 6-week Long Distance Learning Course and a 7-day On-Campus Course.
Interested Iranian and international students with different backgrounds and variable resumes can participate in the program to enjoy a new approach to the learning of public health.

Let’s watch this video clip to get more familiar with IranIPHS!

🔷The Joy of Learning Public Health

Our aim is to improve public health knowledge and competency among future health care providers, through holding summer schools, conferences and workshops. We believe that learning public health can be more exciting than the public health courses held at most universities today. 
Therefore, IPHS aims to make the learning of public health joyful, engaging and intriguing for its audience, as you see in the picture below!

IPHS2016 On-Campus Course

🔷Simulated, Story-based, Gamified Public Health Education

Planet Zulara’s Health Care Specialists are gathering data about their planet health status in IPHS2016.

IPHS2017 simulates individual and group activities of a public health specialist. The storyline follows a science-fiction plot in 2200, which takes place after the annihilation of earth in another galaxy.
IPHS2017 tries to create a competing environment between the teams (Planets) to reinforce the educational objectives.

🔷What You Learn In IPHS2017

Distance Learning Course Educational Goals
On-Campus Course Educational Goals

🔷IPHS2017 Scientific And Steering Committee

🔷What’s The IPHS2017 Educational Program?

Distance Learning Course

In distance learning course the basics of public health will be delivered to the participants so that they get an overview of a master of public health course as designed by the association of schools and programs of public health (ASPPH). About 40 hours Distance Learning Course on basic public health knowledge and skills.

Distance Learning Course
Distance Learning Course Fulfillment: August 4th, 2017 (13th of Mordad, 1396)

On-Campus Course

In on-campus course group activities, gamification, active learning through problem-solving methods and other engaging workshops and discussions will be put to use to put further emphasis on the Distance Learning Course training materials and help participants to figure out the applicable examples of public health practice.
1-Week of individual and teamwork activities will be the high point of the program, ensuring the long lasting friendships made in the IPHS community.

On-Campus Course
On-Campus Course: August 11th–18th, 2017 (20th–27th of Mordad,1396)

🔷Where and When

The IPHS2017 On-Campus Course will be held from August 11th — 18th, 2017 at The National Museum of Medical Sciences History, that is located in Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

The National Museum of Medical Sciences History, Tehran, Iran

This place is located close to the city center, which makes it easy for participants to access.

Let’s end this part with a look back to our previous program, IPHS2016, in the view of one of our dear participants …

🔷 Enjoy Travelling to Tehran, with your friends!

🔹 Travel Support

AVECEN Co. will provide you with a contact person when your application is accepted. This person will give support to you and help you throughout your trip to Iran. They will be responsible for facilitation of your accommodation procedures. You will have access to useful information on IPHS and guidance on the many beautiful sights of Tehran.

🔹 Tehran Attractions

During the IPHS2017 On Campus Course, we have prepared one half-day sightseeing tour around the city of Tehran. Historical sites and amusement centers are chosen and the expenses are covered by the hosts. Participants also have half a day to access a variety of Tehran’s cultural and tourist attractions.

Tehran Milad Tower Dolphinarium, Tehran, Iran
🔹 Visa for our Dear International Participants

Participants do not need to directly apply for a visa to Iran. Student visas will be obtained for participants by the registration team. Registration data will be sent to Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to facilitate the process; in case any problems arise, the issue will be followed up by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


IPHS2017 official accommodation site will be the Dormitory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Kooy-e Daneshgah), North Kargar St. It is close to the Tehran University of Medical Sciences campus.

Dormitory of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Fortunately, it is located at a 1-KM distance from the main venue, and takes about 10 minutes to reach on foot.

🔷It’s Registration Time!

🔹Who can attend?

The IPHS2017 educational program is designed for anyone interested in public health. Although the program does NOT require any preliminary courses and all educational contents are basic, yet it is preferable for participants to have a basic understanding of health systems.
We suggest you to download IPHS2017 Invitation Package for your registration.

Download IPHS2017 Invitation Package

🔹How to Apply?

All interested applicants need to

1- Sign up on our official website (www.iphs.ir)
2- Confirm their account via E-mail.
3- After account confirmation, fill out the registration form.
Registration form includes personal data, identification information and confirmation data (passport, for international participants and ID card, for Iranian participants), your CV and motivation letter
Submitted applications will be assessed by six reviewers. The registration process is the same for both the Distance Learning course and the complete Distance Learning and On-Campus course.
4- Wait for arbitration result.
5- Pay registration fee, if accepted.

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🔹Registration Timeline

Registration procedure for IPHS2017 will be available for applicants from February 19th and will remain open until June 2nd.
With Early Registration Discount, you will pay less and also have more time to pass the Online Course.

End of Early Registration: April 20th (31st of Ordibehesht)

End of Late Registration: June 2nd (12th of Khordad)

If there’s anything you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask!

You can ask your questions directly via
Telegram: https://t.me/IranIPHSbot
Telegram: https://t.me/IranIPHSAdmin
Website: www.iphs.ir

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At End

Check our website for more information about IPHS2017, our previous events, Travelling and Logistics, Registrationand so on.

Hope To See You in IPHS2017😊

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