Room For Two

Why is it that we always feel like there’s only room for one of us?

We’ve been programmed to equate our success relative to others around us. If he’s getting support for his music and I want support, then let me try to throw shots at him so I shine. Why do you think you have to be the only one in line? If all the men like her and she’s getting attention then they won’t like me, let me try and convince others she’s not pretty. Why do you think her beauty takes away from yours? And I’m not saying healthy competition isn’t good or that we don’t need it. Because the way we are conditioned means we’re always searching for self improvement. And I love that.

It’s just that we need to be more inclusive. More willing to help others stand next to us on the pedal stool. More willing to show everyone else that we, as one body, can do it all. More willing to help others get that job even if you didn’t receive any help when it was you. Or collaborating with someone who shares the exact same vision as you.

If you were meant to have something you’ll have it, it doesn’t matter how bad you feel like the next person might come and grab it. I believe in the law of attraction, so what you put out is what you get back. If you’re so busy putting her down or hating him because they want to do the same thing as you then you’re only hurting yourself.

Was there not a time when you were just starting out, finding your feet while everyone wanted to kick you out? It was like a secret club and now you finally understand what it means to have a glass ceiling. That barrier you keep chipping away at but no one seems to want to let you in. And if someone makes it in, they sure as hell aren’t going to make room for you.

I needed a room once. She needed a room once. He needed a room once. We all reach a point of needing something from someone. It won’t hurt you to give someone an entrance into that door you created, someone who’s inspired by your creation. Your talents and accomplishments won’t go amiss. And for the first time in a while, the universe will come back to reward you for this.

The next time jealousy makes you say things you might later regret, or you doubt someone else’s ability because they’ve become your threat. Remember there’s never a time when ‘what you give is what you get’ doesn’t apply. Why can’t our awards for what we do multiply, a ripple effect so big where there’s no longer a ‘them’ and ‘us’ this time. Where we don’t have to question who we can trust, knowing that if I want the best for you then you’d want the best for both of us. Excellence that’s what I’d call it. Excellence is not just you it’s the people around you. Everyone needs someone, there’s always room for two. Don’t let your pride stop you.

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