Reshma, thanks for your comment, and for raising the issue of inequality in the tech industry.
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good morning
I have a question and I think it’s very important
How can groups of intellectuals to change the public opinion of the need for self-defense to peaceful coexistence
Of heavy armament expenses to spending in education and human development and the fight against ignorance and intolerance
Our story revolves around this principle. Since more than 12 years and I decided my wife to grow up kindergarten in our village and we gave us this place for children to play a love of beauty and learn and appreciate life knowing that the majority of these children are orphans and the poor and Astia parents pay any expenses if it is a free service the work is purely voluntary, but unfortunately became the building is about to collapse because of the simplicity of construction method in the past time. We have about 90 children from the age of five years Thelathaly We are already Palmsalah about their future and are facing great difficulties in dealing with government agencies that do not care about the future of the children, but only laws.
Now already we got an official warning inevitable closure of government agencies and we do not have the financial resources necessary to rebuild the nursery and equipped to receive the children. We have a place and part of the money costs but this of course is not enough, what is needed is Aalfl support for this charity project to continue
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