Reshma, thanks for your comment, and for raising the issue of inequality in the tech industry.
Melinda Gates


Eight years ago you my wife and I to establish a kindergarten for orphans and the poor in our town currently serves 90 children from the age of three to five years of modest means, work continued throughout this period as a free service to these children, and construction was then a simple brick and wood However, in the recent period the building began to crumble and is about Al collapse Moreover, in recent times there is a government campaign to close the place completely resulting in the displacement of these children and the loss of their future
So we ask that you request urgent help to save this charity project is inevitable closure after closure has already received an ultimatum from the government agencies.
What we really need now is to initiate the establishment of this house as soon as the lack of an alternative place and this is what will cost the following:
1. The cost of the building of 350,000 Egyptian pounds according to the feasibility study
2-furnishings and finishes of 20,000 Egyptian pounds
3-teaching materials and games 10,000 Egyptian pounds
We place the planned establishment of the house and we have a part of this amount to those who support us and we need to not fall apart this project and we are ready to provide all necessary
Location- Bilbes -Egypt

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