The Heir Vol. I (week4)

Rise of the Monarchy


Being in charge of a brothel required a lot of effort and character, and Sayeda was all that. Named “Queen of the Night Crawlers” Sayeda was exceptionally talented at her job. She often got customers from all over the world to her prestigious brothel “The desert Jewel”. Men of all factions came to her place. Which brings up the question of whether these men are all foul? Fortunately though Sayeda didn’t care that much as long as they paid. She her self was the victim of an affair committed by her husband way back. In an ironic sense her way of getting back at him was this. At first she started sleeping around with random men she met at night clubs as some sort of revenge, as she got further into it, it became a habit and finally a business. A lucrative one at that. At a point Sayeda was becoming old and unable to work, she’d saved up enough money to open herself a brothel. Sayeda was picky with her girls, she’d put them through a series of tests and eventually categorise them accordingly. One night Sayeda was at a nightclub scouting for girls. Ordering herself a glass of wine and laying her soft pack of cigarettes on the oriental clothed table, Sayeda observed the belly dancer on the platform. Attracted by her moves and fleshy waist, a fine addition to her collection she thought. As the waiter served Sayeda her wine she heard a cry washed out by the music. She turned to see what was going on. A girl was fighting with a man about something, that didn’t matter that much to Sayeda. What attracted her attention the most was the girl. Forgetting all about the belly dancer she focuses her attention on that girl. She pushes aside the waiter and gets up with her heels clacking , as she moves quickly following the girl through the hallway the sound from the night club is muffled and she could see the girl standing in a corner crying. Sayeda immediately goes over to her and lays a tender hand on her back “Come with me.” she says. Sayeda takes her to a dressing room in the back “Now tell me what happened?”. “Nothing. Men are pigs.”. “You’re right about that habbty, but you can use that in your favor.”. “What do you mean?”. “I know you don’t know that man. I’ve seen him before with plenty of other girls, some of whom I’ve hired before.”. The girl’s face turns red and her breath becomes heavy. “There is nothing to be embarrassed of. Men think they could do whatever they please, get any girl they want, sleep around. Well now they’ll have to pay for it.” she meant that literally. “What’s you’re name dear?”. Sniffing the girl wipes a tear off of her face with mascara staining her cheeks “Fatma.”.


Back from his trip to Yemen. Huessin was worried about a letter he got from Egypt. The king requested to see him as soon as possible. Huessin wasn’t sure why his presence was requested by the king and why he had to cut his diplomatic trip short. Upon arriving to Cairo Huessin was called upon by the castle. There he met a man called Saaid who told him that he will be leaving his current position at the ministry for foreign affairs for good and that he’ll work next to the king. At first Huessin got mixed feelings about this. But then again he was to work with the king himself. As he progressed in his work he became more and more attached to the king. He was also becoming more confident with him and sometimes blunt when criticising the king on actions he didn’t feel were appropriate like the excessive drinking and the girls. One night Huessin was surprised that the king has ordered one of the secretary staff to find him a girl that he could spend a night with and to make matters worse was the way he found out. In a quiet afternoon, Hussein was having his regular cup of tea, as he was enjoying his first sip he was interrupted by a fellow employee. Trying to catch his breath barely able to talk “Sir. I have terrible news.” “What is it? Speak up!” “Sir I don’t know how to put this.”. Then he tells him all about the girl and that the owner of the brothel has told him that she’s missing ever since she caught her throwing up in the bathroom and accused her of being pregnant. Hearing the last word come out of the man’s mouth sent a shiver through Huessin’s spine. He could barely fathom what he’s been told by this man. “You did this behind my back! Take care of it yourself!”. Huessin couldn’t be burdened with this any more than what he has to deal with to keep the king’s image intact.

The receipt of the telegraph stating that the girl is dead was a great relief to Huessin, yet he couldn’t brush off the guilt that is accumulating every passing moment since. He arrives at a house with a crimson red door he knocks three times and a woman opens the door “Good evening sir, everyone is inside.”. Huessin hands her his coat and fez as she handed him his silk gown encrusted with a variation of badges symbolising a Pharoah’s head, a pencil, a crecent, a sword and other sublime symbols. After he donned his gown, he walks towards a room where he could hear the muffled sound of multiple men talking at the same time. As he enters they all become quiet, the room now silent every man in the room looking towards him, raising both of his hands “Good evening brothers.”.