Metal Detecting Coin Shooting Tips

When it comes to using a metal detector, coin searching is one of the most famous activities that most people do. This can be one of the enjoyable things that everyone will love to try. If you are dedicated to metal detecting, coin shooting can bring good money to you.

If you are new to this industry, it will be hard to find gold nuggets, so coin detecting would be good to go with. Here are few tips you can follow to make coin shooting fun and more enjoyable.

Finding the Right Location

If you are interested to find coins you can choose different locations, however, the best location can be different for everyone. It is depending on your choice if you are interested to find the common coins or pennies you must choose the place where usually people lost their money.

Best Coin Shooting Detectors

For coin shooting, the choice of your metal detector also matter. If you are taking coin shooting only for hobby purpose, you can choose any mid-price range metal detector. However, if you are serious about metal detecting, you must choose the best metal detector with maximum features that must include the lowest sensitivity level. There are plenty of metal detectors available in the market that you can choose to detect coins as per your requirements.

Metal Detector Configuration to Find Coins

This is one of the most important things to consider before you start coin shooting with your chosen metal detector. To enjoy metal detecting as the hobby and find maximum targets, you must be able to understand the feedback of your metal detector. It helps you to detect metals without hassle and avoid digging at wrong places. To understand the right feedback of your metal detector, you must be able to configure its settings as per your needs.

I recommend to have a bench test of your metal detector; it helps you to know is it working properly or not. It is also important to digging up for junk and stay focused on the targeted metals. This way you can also configure setting accurately. Your device settings are depending on the model of the device, as well as the place where you are hunting.


To use your metal detector in a proper way, you must set its sensitivity level perfectly. This is the only setting that can help you to stay focused on the targets and find them in less time. To know your metal detector settings are right, you can check your metal detector with different settings until you will get the desired one. All metal detectors are different, and it also depends on the size and type of coil that you are using.

If you set your metal detector at higher sensitivity level, it will find everything including junk like cans and bottles. The lower sensitivity level you will use the better results will be. However, using lowest sensitivity level you have to be alert to find your target.