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What is happening in today’s world? Everywhere you look, every direction you turn to see, you only see violence, pain, anger, frustration, and anxieties. Yesterday, I read in the news about the Medina blast, a day before I read about the Dhaka and Kabul attacks and some days before that I read about the blasts that happened in Istanbul, at the airport. All these attacks were carried by the so-called “Representatives of Islam” but the question is “are they really the representatives?” They have attacked the Muslim countries and they even attacked the holy city of Muslims and the world considers them as the representatives of Islam, why? Islam, in my thinking and experience, as I am a Muslim and have read the Quran and understood it, Islam is the most beautiful and peaceful religion, in the world, it doesn’t guide anyone to kill, the cliche word, “Jihad” that is misunderstood today, “is struggling with our own inner demons, in Allah’s way, to reach heaven”, “Jannat”. Many Muslims in the world are brainwashed by people, they are provoked by the people who misinterpret Quran and its meanings and they train them to do violence and kill people, and many Muslims are misguided that by making believe that jihad is the other way round, i.e. killing people, who are not followers of Islam. But why am I writing about it? Why? Because I am a Muslim and sometimes people point fingers at me, by wrong means and blame me and my identity for what is happening in the world. The Muslim countries, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, where the radical Islamism’s proportion is the most are also the countries with acute poverty. The people in these countries do not have the right education and thinking and they are driven by an urge to have enough to spend and eat, so people in these countries do unlawful, violent and criminal activities to feed themselves and their families.

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Many Muslims are worried about the way they are perceived around the world, “just because some people of certain religion do violence, is it right to consider the whole religion and the followers of that religion as “Terrorist”? “Just because some people misguide and misinterpret Quran and brainwash people into violence, is it right that we consider that religion and the followers of that religion are“Terrorist”? Do consider it, “if your friends are bullies and stereotypes then people also think yourself as bullies and stereotypes”, the same falls into the people’s minds in the world today. In today’s world, Religion is the identity of a person, not his name or anything. Now that the “Representatives” have really declared openly that they are not the “representatives of Islam” by their brutal and devious acts, then you might like to reconsider the face of Muslims and the term Islam in the real sense.

See people as who they are, not what they are and what they follow, some people have golden hearts with ugly faces, but they are still humans, right? Some people have bitter hearts with beautiful faces, but they are still humans, right?

Shaikh Ashraf.

Originally published at on July 6, 2016.