I’m a big fan of video games but also recently, I want to exercise more regularly and I find it so hard to begin or to keep a steady activity. While on the other side I don’t find it challenging at all to start up my PlayStation when I have some free time. So, why is that?

Before we begin I just want to state that I don’t hate exercising, in fact, I love it, it boosts my mood a lot. Challenging my physical limitations, lifting more weights than before or running more distance than before feels really good. So, my problem isn’t with exercising itself but rather with beginning and keeping the momentum. But I don’t feel the same way towards gaming, so let’s see what makes the difference between the two, and how we can make exercising a bit easier.

Ease of starting

For me in order to go running, I have to change my clothes, make sure…

Since I’m getting married very soon, I looked back at the past few years discovering how they changed my life right now.

For those who knew me 5 years ago, I was an emotionless social-awkward robot to them. It was hard for me to understand other people’s emotions or express my own, to the point that my fiancee didn’t believe me back then when I told her that I have feelings for her. She thought that it was just friendship affection because we knew each other since our childhood. And after this moment everything changed.

From day one I knew…

Ashraf Hamdy

A full stack designer that digs simplicity and perfection. https://www.ashrafhamdy.com/

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