Argumentum Ad Verecundiam (Appeal To Authority)

“Appeal to Authority”, also called an “Argument from Authority” or the “Argumentum ad Verecundiam” is a type of argument which uses an authority’s support as evidence for supporting one’s point of view or statement. This is something all of us at the Go-Jek Engineering Bootcamp are guilty of using as an argumentative technique.

When someone used themselves as a figure of authority, it is known as “Ipse Dixit” which means that “he himself has said it”. This is thus an “appeal to self-authority”. An “Argument to Veneration” is when someone appeals to a respected authoritative figure but they have authority only due to the amount of respect they have. Falling prey to such argumentative techniques may lead to disastrous results as even though you may be correct technically but taking help of such techniques to prove so may lead to you not being able to justify your point.

There also are some valid and good arguments which appeal to authority but those are the ones which pertain to research. When the arguments are empirically adequate and logically consistent, they have a strong foundation themselves. So always remember to not fall for such techniques and reason out in such a way that one needn’t take the support of a figure of authority to prove one’s own point. Always remember to ask “WHY?”!