The Day I Met Ruby

It was indeed a really memorable day having met Ruby formally for the first time and boy it was good. I never imagined that I would become comfortable with a new acquaintance in such a short span of time. There were of course a few hiccups on the way of getting acquainted but the way the transition from mere acquaintances to friends happened was really unimaginable.

Here, I talk about the programming language of Ruby that I was introduced to as a part of the Boot Camp here at Go-Jek 😋

It was after a long time indeed that I found a programming language so easy to code and that is because Ruby is so close to the English language. All that one needs to do is just form an idea about what needs to be done in one’s mind, translate it to English and hey presto, we get the resultant working code for the same. Ruby is an imperative scripting language which has inherited a lot from functional programming.

I believe that to be perfect in every sense is very rare and almost impossible. Ruby also poses several disadvantages to a computer programmer like being one of the slower programming languages but never does this negate the fact that it does have benefits which make us opt for Ruby as the one to rely upon in various favourable circumstances.

Ruby is quite terse and at the same time the readability isn’t lost and the more easily readable code fits at once on the screen, the easier and faster it becomes to understand it. It also has a great community support with a huge library of gems too and thus ultimately the best lines of code become the ones which we don’t have to write. If used productively and in the proper situations, Ruby stands out from the crowd of programming languages that we have.

As Diamond is a Girl’s friend, in the same way Ruby is a Programmer’s friend. Here’s to many more great experiences with Ruby. 😊

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