Inauguration Speech Review

In his inauguration speech Donald Trumps vision for the country is one where we remove ourselves from the worlds stage, increase jobs in the manufacturing field, work on our infrastructure, put our country before all others, even when it comes to their protection, and he says we will eradicate Islamic terrorism “completely from the face of the Earth”. A new age of patriotism and nationalism.

Trump painted a false picture of America. He ignored all the good things that former President Obama, who was sitting in the front row, has done for our country during his two terms in office. Listening to Trumps speech, you would think that America was in the middle of a great depression, in the middle of an all-time high crime crisis, and a nation with a weak and underfunded military. The truth is that Obama took us from a great recession, from high unemployment, to the longest period of job growth our country has ever seen, crime rates are actually lower than they were before he took office, and we have the second largest and the highest funded military in the world.

Trumps speech, and also his campaign and electoral college win, sparked the fire of dissent and revolution in the millions and millions who did not vote for him, those who were not yet of age to vote on November 8th but old enough to understand, and those who, sadly, chose not to vote.

I have many concerns with how his administration will run, dealing with many different issues. The most dire being the increasing threat of nuclear attack on the US, specifically the West Coast, by North Korea, a country led by an unhinged dictator who surrounds himself with yes-men and who shows his power through military parades complete with missile floats. Side note, the Trump Administration requested missile launchers and tanks for his inaugural parade, their request was denied. There are many foreign policy issues that cause me concern, from the Israel and Palestine situation which will become deadlier now that the new administration might support moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel to the war in Syria that has turned into a massacre of its citizens to the lesser known or lesser reported massacre in Yemen by Saudi Arabia with the support of the US to impending trade wars with China and Mexico to escalation of threats between Russia and her border states to the rise of Nationalism and anti-immigrant hatred in Europe and a massive refugee crisis of those leaving their homes seeking safety only to be turned away by isolationist politicians to the rise of jihadists in the Middle East and Africa. These are a lot of concerns even before getting to my concerns of issues within our country. I’m worried for my LGBT friends and family losing equal rights and benefits that they have worked so long and hard to achieve. I’m concerned for the DREAMer’s, who were brought to this country as children, who came out of the shadows and joined the DACA program to be able to get an education that they deserved. The undocumented parents of U.S. born children who joined the DAPA program are now in danger of being deported, essentially orphaning their kids. It concerns me that with a Republican led Congress, women will lose their right to choose and access to affordable birth control and heath services, like those provided by Planned Parenthood which the Republicans have promised to defund because they do not want federal tax dollars funding abortions, even though federal dollars are already restricted from funding such medical procedures. It concerns me that we may go backward instead of forward in the area of criminal justice reform and systemic racial discrimination. We’re going from a president who acknowledges racially motivated killings to one who believes that if you say “Black Lives Matter” you must be anti-law enforcement. I’m concerned that we’re going from an administration whose president was the first president to openly refer to transgender Americans and acknowledge atheists to a new administration filled with politicians who introduce laws that are purposely designed to discriminate against people who are transgender and who aim to write laws based specifically on their own personal faith. It concerns me that millions of people may possibly lose their health insurance, that public schools may lose funding or become privatized, that teachers will be forced to teach beliefs rather than scientific facts. I’m concerned that this new administration will deny the consensus on climate change and seek to expand even further the use of fossil fuels and oil pipelines for economic gain by sacrificing our Earth and desecrating Native American land. I have other concerns, these are just a few.

Trumps message was that we will rebuild our country economically by bringing back manufacturing jobs from out of the country. Return political power back to the “forgotten men and women of our country” such as Trumps cabinet nominees, several billionaires and a former oil company CEO. Trump said that from now on we will “Buy American and hire American”, what he left out was that all of his products, like his suits, ties, even his MAGA hats, are made in foreign countries.

The tone that was set for those of us who believe in equal and human rights and believe in the humanitarian role that our country plays in the world was very dark. For those who only care about, as Trump says, “America First”, it must have been a hopeful speech filled with echoes of that phrase they cling to “One nation, under God” and as Trump said “saluting one American flag”.

My hopes for the next four years are that Trump and his administration succeed in areas where it benefits the well-being of all Americans, and my fears are that they will succeed in areas where it does not.

I think the most important thing that he said was “America First”, which sets the theme of isolationism for the next four years.

The country that has come to be known as the shining light of hope for men, women, and children around the world, has turned off the light, and locked the door.

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