Speed up your Progressive web app testing with this one click tiny snippet!

I have found myself in a situation while working with service workers that I had to test the app from a fresh install perspective. To do that I had to unregister service worker and clear CacheStorage. If you are using polymer build which creates an entry per web component then it could take a while. Also I had to explain this to our backend engineers if they wanted to test something as well.

So I created this tiny little snippet to add in your chrome developer tools. (Technically utilised the deleteAllCaches function from Polymer build generated service worker file in a creative manner)

Save the gist to your snippets tab. Click on run when you need to delete all cache and service worker. You can track the progress on console.

Snippet in action

This simple snippet has saved our team a lot of man hours in testing with service workers.

What are you waiting for? Go share this with your team members and get your productivity juices flowing with this one click solution!

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