UPDATE: UXP is now available in Photoshop version 22. Read the documentation here.

Adobe Photoshop has a long history of extensibility that has enabled an ecosystem of countless extensions, panels, scripts, and plug-ins, all created by developers and creative users alike. These extensibility products—built on Photoshop’s in-app APIs—enhance creative velocity, open new doors through innovative and inspirational features, streamline and automate workflows across apps and services, and conveniently connect Photoshop users to their stakeholders and clients.

This year Adobe is looking to the future of Creative Cloud application extensibility by modernizing the Photoshop host app APIs and introducing UXP, our…

Like most of our colleagues at Adobe, the Creative Cloud Platform and Ecosystem team will soon be taking a break until the new year. As the team winds things down, we wanted to share a recap of some of the biggest news for Creative Cloud developers from 2019.

Before recapping the year, one important note for the remainder of 2019 for anyone planning to submit a plugin, extension, or script to our marketplaces:

Our integrations review staff will be celebrating the holidays and offline from December 24, 2019 through January 1, 2020. We will resume reviews from January 2, 2020…

Last year at Adobe MAX 2018, we announced the arrival of Adobe XD Plugin APIs, and with them, the beginning of extensibility for Adobe XD. The Plugin APIs enabled an entirely new ecosystem of plugins pushing the boundaries of design work. With today’s launch of XD 24, application support for plugins continues to deepen while the ecosystem of published plugins grows weekly.

And starting today, the Adobe XD extensibility story gets even deeper.

We’re thrilled to share with you that XD Cloud Content APIs are now available. …

Hi Creative Cloud developers! If you’ve been following our progress on engaging and growing the Creative Cloud developer community and ecosystem over the last few years, you’ll have seen that our presence for the CC developer ecosystem at Adobe MAX has steadily expanded (take a look back at MAX 2018 and MAX 2017).

We’ll be doing even more at MAX this year to help users discover the value of the ecosystem, in addition to providing attendees with opportunities to learn about the APIs that power it.

Whether you’re creating plugins for Adobe XD, or building extensions and scripts for Creative…

Developer advocate Kerri Shotts helping developers building their first XD plugins in Mannheim

Hi Creative Cloud developers! The first half of the year is coming to a close, and next week Adobe North America is going on our yearly summer break 🏖. This means a lot of the people you’re in usually touch with about Creative Cloud app extensibility will be offline, resting up, and recharging.

In the meantime, it’s a good chance for you to catch up on Creative Cloud developer news from the first six months of 2019. It’s been a big one and we want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Communicating with our developers

We just held XD Dev Days 2019, the second annual event of its kind, to prepare developers for the upcoming launch of panel plugins for Adobe XD and it was incredible.

Fifty designers and developers, including members of our new Adobe XD Plugin Accelerator, joined us in one room for two days, and by the end of the event, most of the teams were able to demo plugins that they’ll be offering to Adobe XD users in the near future.

XD Dev Days 2019

In addition to the feedback we got and the fun we had with the community, the real progress that the…

Partnerships manager Drew Endick presenting to plugin developers at XD Dev Days 2018

I recently shared with you that big updates on are the way for the Adobe XD plugin APIs, including tighter alignment with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript standards for plugin UI, as well as support for panel-based plugins.

We can’t wait to see the first ever panel-based XD plugins ship in the XD Plugin Manager this summer, and we want to help developers, like you, who are working to build them.

To do that, we’re announcing XD Dev Days 2019, happening in San Francisco this June. Apply here to attend, or read on for more details.

What is XD Dev Days?

XD Dev Days 2018 was…

Since its launch at Adobe MAX last October, the Adobe XD plugin API has continued to evolve. Changes since launch have brought:

  • XD 14, December: Addition of node metadata, pan and zoom, and shared links APIs
  • XD 15, January: Addition of assets panel APIs, and deep links for plugin listings
  • XD 16, February: Addition of setTimeout() & friends
  • XD 17, March: Loosening of the edit context rules
  • XD 18, April: Addition of more HTML text field controls, support for inline style attributes, support for sending FormData with XHR

And the momentum continues!

This summer is going to bring some big…

Did you know that Adobe XD supports 8 languages?

As of this writing, XD supports English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. This means that many users around the world are already running XD in their native languages.

If, as a plugin developer, you want to reach those users and provide the best experience, internationalization and localization are two things you should consider on your journey to creating an XD plugin.

NEW INC members visiting Adobe NYC to learn about designing with Adobe XD

On Monday, Adobe’s Pollyanna Macchiano organized an event for New York-based NEW INC’s group of cultural practitioners and creative entrepreneurs to experience Adobe XD, our application for UX designers.

NEW INC occupies eight thousand square feet of dedicated office, workshop, social, and presentation space, and each year selects an outstanding interdisciplinary community of one hundred members who are investigating new ideas and developing sustainable practices.

We invited NEW INC members to our offices in NYC and introduced them to designing with Adobe XD, as well as extending XD’s feature set with plugins.

Experience design with Adobe XD

Susse Sonderby kicked off the event by introducing…

Ash Ryan Arnwine

Group Manager, Developer Experience and Evangelism for the Adobe Creative Cloud Developer Platform.

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