The Sad State of Entitled Web Developers
Una Kravets

As a web developer myself that specalizes in high peformance, extreme level traffic, database driven content websites, the front-end / web designer croud seem to be becoming less appreciative of the work that we do, and demanding of us to meet their every need.

But why, why should we?

I was recently reading an article over at Webdesignerdepot where the author was complaining that developers were making their software too complicated for him to use, he apparently had to (shock horror) open a terminal and put in 3 lines of code to install said software (Such a big issue for software that probably took half a million lines of code to develop).

Backend development is not simple, not everything we develop is aimed for graphics designers and web designers to use our hard work to take free shortcuts.

It takes us ten times longer to make our software useable for people without a development background, and in most cases we get nothing out of it except for complaints when it doesn’t meet their exact niche requirements.

I am a web developer but I do private client work as well, this requires me to atleast have an intermediate knowledge in design and front-end web design, no problem I just went and learnt it.

If webdesigners really want a bespoke backend system that meets their every desire, they either need to pay someone to do it for them (because you know damn well if I wanted that amazing logo rebranding for my company it isn’t going to come cheap so why should my expertise and time be free?), or they need to get atleast some background knowledge in a backend development language and do it themselves.

The latter is really not that crazy of an option, there are plenty of cheap and easy to follow platforms about such as teamtreehouse and codeacademy.

There is nothing entitled about developers, we work hard to understand and develop the complicated software we build, if we are not charging for some of our software just be greatful, it is designers that seem to think they are entitled to unlimited free backend software and then demand more for free.

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