Give Up Yourself

Give it up.. yep, you heard me.. Give it up…

Don’t give up ON yourself, just give up you.

Let me explain…

Giving up yourself has nothing to do with giving up at all. Your actually going to gain. But, I believe that it is in selfless acts that we receive the most. So you have to be willing to give up yourself a bit to someone else or someTHING else. You have to give up your spot in line or your spot in life for that moment.

What I see far too often is someone thinking of their own gains that encompasses their own self as apart of the equation. All the while those same people are still climbing a ladder of success that has no real end in sight because truly the steps just become bigger, further apart and never ending. They never get there.

Give up yourself. Some times you have to be the sacrificial lamb, the “one knocked off the shelf”, or simply put humbled to realize where true success lives. It’s not what sits within you. It’s around you. It has nothing to do with you at all. Success is what is on the outside and that humbles you on the inside. But, you wouldn’t know if all that consumes you is… YOU..Working from what’s on the inside to accomplish those things on the outside.. HELLO.. life works backwards.. Give up yourself…

Consider for a moment others circumstances. Take a breath.. it’s a lot to consider I know. The various things in life that people go through. The hurt, the pain, the struggle.. sometimes the loss.. If you give up yourself for a moment to remain thoughtless of what your life should and needs to be.. maybe your thoughts will wander to places of realizing what others should and shouldn’t be.. then wander further to a place of thinking of those that could and couldn’t have… or would and wouldn’t do… Then consider.. what one single life can change if you give up yourself. Including your very own.

See, we all want…. most of the time it is things that we “think” will fulfill ourselves, our happiness, our ultimate success. We want and want but, forget about the needs.. Needs within you that you should value far deeper than anything else. Because when you walk around with very little thought to others that moves you so deep it hits your soul then you have not had the chance to give up yourself to realize that deep inner self dying to come out..

Because giving up yourself is getting out of your own way.. Giving up yourself is being vulnerable…because alone and comfortable with your self is ultimately the truest success you can accomplish. It’s the top of the ladder you have climbed with a goal reach and attained. That you ultimately will cherish..savor even.. It is every move that you make that becomes swift and light because it is not about you.. it’s about everyone...

Your breath become at ease, your heart beats slower and calmer.. the curves on your mouth crack, because a smile or laughter is common place.. a feeling of peace consumes you and that little thing that rings so deep?.. it’s what your soul feels like.... But fist… Give up yourself. To find yourself.. To find others.. To see life in a more aware place… That has nothing to do with you at all.. All the while it is everything you can become..

It’s not about you and it’s not about me but, it is very much about discovering ways how you can freely give up yourself so you can help take part in someone else’s path, journey, or moment. Give up yourself so you can discover who you are, who someone else is, and how can I help you?

If we all took a moment to just stop… stop your train of thought to fulfill your own need. You may then discover that in doing so… you will have no need at all…That is when your wants some how make their way back to you because that is how the universe works..

Give up yourself. …. Do one random thing for someone else. Repeat it. See how it feels.. give up yourself and let go or get lost… to discover or find something right in front of you.. Give up yourself.. live free of restraints that society made jaded..

Know that you will never give up on yourself but instead you will discover exactly who you are and who you want to be to give.

Giving up so you can GIVE back instead of GET back will lead you to a journey and path that inevitably gives you everything you needed all along.

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