You Are My “Chicken Soup For The Soul”

Illustration by Cece Bell

Have you ever experienced things in life that you just slowly feel your soul slipping from within you? That is what 2016 was for me. It seems as though that was the case for many people. Ironically it was one of the best years I have had in terms of growth so this tells me a few things:

  1. The things that hurt you to the core are inevitably the gate keeper and path to get there.
  2. It’s not until you feel so deep, that you realize the power in a feeling itself. Sometimes, knowing that pain, teaches you to find ways to help others so they don’t experience that pain themselves. It’s a gift. Now give it away.
  3. When the lights go out…and you’re sitting in the darkness. Game plan to get the hell out.

Chicken Soup.. It’s comforting right? When you are in your deepest discomfort it is the only way to grow. It’s almost like you need all the pieces to fall apart so when you put them back together, you can recreate your own master piece. But, it takes time. Find your chicken soup..

I realized this morning in my random moment of laughter and smiles, which seem to be happening more and more these days, I found MY chicken soup. My friends, family, husband, and even employees have become the most positive force behind me. I’m a ball of positivity in my own right but, sometimes knowing you have the support and love of others that know who you are and bring out your best… It allows your soul to not only heal but, flourish.

I know with great tragedies and trauma life breeds great triumphs and happiness. Half the battle is surrounding yourself with the right people that also know and support that.

Thank you…for being my chicken soup…You know who you all are ❤

Business wise, I am that much more stronger and smarter.. Personally, I am that much more resilliant.

Rest in Peace Alize’ Castro along with my past and everything in it…

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