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The COVID-19 pandemic has engendered a grievous and disruptive effect on humanity. The global economy has been rattled, even though the build up to such a cataclysmic event has been somewhat predictable. The US-China trade stalemate, Brexit and US-Russian, US-Iran and US-North Korean relationship tensions have been leading indicators that a substantial threat to economic growth was indeed possible.

The past few months have seen exacerbated market moves and have left many investors with their pants down being either over-leveraged or holding high risk assets. Central banks across the globe have been forced to intervene with extraordinary, but experimental monetary policy measures attempting to curb the market bleeding and contain this rapid economic collapse. Triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, this economic crash has begot some of the worst economic data in history, with a GDP contraction (-3%) now forecasted globally; a quick revision of the previous +3.3% …


Ashtak Maharaj

Chemical Engineering Major with a passion for Finance and Emerging Technologies. Also highly interested in controversial debates and ‘big picture’ conversations

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