🌿Chapter — 1🌿
 ~ Introduction ~

🌱 Day — 2 🌱


The Qualifications

In order to receive anything, you need to qualify for it. If you receive a dress, the dress should fit you. Otherwise, it is of no use having such a dress. If you receive food, the food should be edible. Otherwise what is the use of having such food? Similarly, with something to drink; you should be able to drink it and hold it in your system. Otherwise, however wonderful it is, it will be of no use to you.

Knowledge and relevance. An event or instance has reference. And wherever there is life, there is reverence. Without these three principles — knowledge, relevance & reverence, life cannot evolve. So also with Ashtavakra Gita. Certain qualifications are required to acquire this highest knowledge. if you go to medical school, you should at least know the alphabets. Imagine if you had never gone to school and learnt the alphabets, and then had to go to medical school. What could you do there?

It is the same with Brhama Jnan , the biggest and the Ultimate Knowledge. We require certain things. To begin with, only a disciplined person can be given this knowledge — someone who has reverence for life, and a discipline of the body. Usually, when we hear of discipline, we think only of the body — e.g. having food and going to bed at the proper time; taking a bath regularly and keeping our body healthy. This is what we think.

Discipline is listening to our body and not listening to our fantasies. After eating, your stomach is full but if something delicious is given — a sweet treat or a mango milkshake! Now you have a bit of that. Then a little more. And the next day you are unwell. This is because you did not listen to your body. You were carried away by your tongue. The body has its own discipline. it is enough if you just listen to your body. Some of us are so obsessed with our eating habits that we are at either of the extremes. You are spoiling your system. Your system has much adaptability. But if you train your system by giving it a specific food all the time, later it will not accept any other food. Don’t think you have disciplined your body!