Crash Course on Black Culture

From the dawn of time the essential problem between cultures is the lack of understanding. Whites don’t understand the slang we use and the way express ourselves. Due to this there often a huge disconnect between most black students and their fellow peers, particularly when attending a mainly white university. So, apart from getting a secondary education they need to also undergo how to understand and be an advocate for Black people education.

Where I attended school, it was often called “diverse”. Only meaning that there was a lot of Black people who attended the school system. Despite the demographic, there was still a significant amount of White students also. These types of White students are different from the ones that grew up in a mostly rural cities with little to no Black interations. They grew up with Black people, they see Black people everyday, and usually they like Black people without any unfounded biases. This is what Ashton likes to call “somewhat cultured White people.” Even though they are not Black they recognize White privilege, they mostly denounce the stereotypes pushed onto Black people, and lastly the especially educated ones will use their advantages to become an advocate. So, you are probably asking yourselves how do I help educate me some white folks? Well, I have come up with some simple steps to at least get your newly acquired White friend to somewhat understand Black culture.

Step 1- When using slang take the time to verbalize what the word means and why it is used.

Step 2- Bring them around more Black people and/or family members.

Step 3- Start watching Black shows and Black movies and see if they can relate to any aspect.

Step 4- Make sure they know that saying they have a black friend does not make them any less racist.

Step 5- Introduce them to Black issues and grievances.

This is Ashton’s almost fool-proof way to get someone to understand Black culture. If these methods do not work then your friend is probably secretly racist and has a confederate flag tramp stamp tattoo.

*Disclaimer: Ashton cannot be held accountable for any negative results nor should she be blamed if any friendships are lost. Use this method at your own risk.

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