Vacancy in Canada?

Last Tuesday, America committed one of its most controversial travesties in recent history. This being our new president- elect being chosen as none other than Donald J. Trump. Yes, the bigoted, sexist, misogynist billionaire has just snagged the title of being the President of the United States or the better put Divided States for the next 4 years. After hearing this news many thoughts raced through my mind, some angry and explicit and others questioning how the system has failed us once again. But, main thought being; Who would vote for this type of person?

America has never been great. This is a simple and undeniable fact. Every time someone tries to explain when this so called “greatness” occurred there is always an omission of slavery, segregation, and war. But, still people wore those god-awful hats like it was the next greatest trend. When asking an smilingly educated person why they voted for Trump, the answer is always Hillary is worse. This rebuttal has never made sense because how can a real candidate be worse than a rich child, with a bad toupee that says the first thing that comes to his mind? How can someone with experience be beaten out by someone who has never even worked in politics before? By asking myself these questions I narrowed down his voters into two categories of people, uneducated and prejudice and those who simple don’t care about minorities respectively. A key pharse to exemplify this would be “It’s not that you hate me. You just don’t care about me…” And this is how Trump dug his way into the White House. By playing on peoples hate.

After the initial outrage, we the disgruntled parties need to figure out our next step. We need to figure out how to be safe while being black or gay or muslim or etc. We also need to get educated about how the political system operates. This is a scary time to be anything other white and male. We also need to be prepared to do what ever is necessary to ensure that America will remain a home for us. Because, despite this election and its outcome America is still considered a somewhat accepting place for various cultures.

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