Upon deleting thousands of my tweets from 2010–2011

I’ve learned things. A lot of things. I downloaded my Twitter archive with a plan to delete a shit ton of my old tweets because I was tired of having 29k+ tweets. If you want to hear something kinda cool just skip to #15 I don’t give a fuck.

June 20, 2011. 4:40am
  1. I was annoying. Like, really fucking annoying. I thought by the time I was done with my 2010 tweets I’d be a little more used to my previous slang but I still get caught off-guard with tweets like “vagona” and absolutely no context.
  2. I stanned over everything I came into contact with. Justin Bieber, The Killers (I still stan over them though let’s be real. I’m just more lowkey about it and who I talk to about them), Big Time Rush, the Jonas Brothers, TWO YEARS OF STANNING OVER OWL CITY. I stanned over everything and everyone affiliated with Owl City.
  3. I didn’t give a FUCK. I tweeted upwards of 30 times a day. So far, my favorite part has been 80 tweets of me replacing one word of different song titles with the word “popcorn”. #replacewordinsongwithpopcorn
  4. I held conversations about musicians (Owl City) with my friends while mentioning the musician in every. single. tweet. Even not in conversation, I mentioned Owl City in almost every tweet.
  5. I was obsessed with tweeting shit from the 2011 meme craze. “Maximum trolling,” “TROLOLOLOL,” “Y U NO,” “FUUUUUUUUUUUU,” “Me gusta.” The list goes on.
  6. I complained about bad grammar a lot while making a shit ton of easily-avoidable typos/grammatical errors.
  7. I remembered the phone I had would, FOR SOME REASON, capitalize 2 letters in a row so every tweet would start KInda like this.
  8. #ihashtaggedwholesentences #ialsoheldhashtagconversations
  9. I was up almost 24/7. I was on Twitter for most of that time, apparently. I constantly complained about no one being online or tweeting, but still tweeted.
  10. I loved enchiladas circa June-August 2011. RIP enchilada infatuation.
  11. Many, MANY emoticons. Imagine any one you can think of, then add a couple more. :) :D :B :P :’( ;) ;{D XD *<|:D — — — — <-— <
  12. “Oh my gosh!”
  13. Holy shit I actually had conversations with other fans of the things I liked. Like, I actually talked to people (this feeds back to #3).
  14. I subtweeted a shit ton of people. Like, I was a highkey bitch. Obviously now, I don’t remember who I was talking about because I wasn’t. specific. at. all. I clarified literally nothing but often asked people for clarification on all of their tweets because I was also highkey nosy.
  15. I live-tweeted everything. Movies, concerts, conventions, traveling, conversations. For example: As mentioned before, I was a huge fucking Owl City stan and had a ton of online friends who were also huge fucking Owl City stans. We called ourselves hoot owls and we all talked on TinyChat every night. Adam (Owl City) got word of it somehow and started coming in the chats with us as adampajamas. Word got around the fandom and everyone started coming online pretending to be him. Adam always had camera problems, so every time someone would come in as adampajamas we’d be like, “PROVE IT’S U GO ON CAM” and they’d just be like “my camera isn’t working”. The first time he logged on as adampajamas (before everyone started stealing his name to try and trick everyone in the chat), he tried like 7 or 8 times to get his camera to work. Nothing happened so everyone left because they didn’t believe him. But then!!! Oh then, he finally got his camera to work and the 2 of us left had a collective heart attack and we all talked for an hour. After that he came online more often and every single time we all had heart attacks and cried as a whole.

Here are some of the popcorn tweets in case anyone was wondering.

Wow 2010-2011 was a weird time.