Dear Pacific Northwest,

I’m an east coast kid that is too creative for her good; too smart for her school. I feel as if I don’t belong on the east coast, it doesn’t feel like home. My state seems like a death trap, the only way out is the military and that’s the only way schools teach you how to get out of the godforsaken state. Most people don’t leave after high school, no one really travels outside of the state. But, I was one of the lucky ones that got to travel. I got to spend a beauitful week in you. One whole week that open my eyes even more.

In one week, I fell in love with you. From your amazing coffee to your sunsets. You capture my heart quicker than anything. You made me feel at home and at ease. I didn’t feel the need to be on guard or ready to defend myself from anything and everything. You made me feel like I belong.

I had to come home to the east coast, where home doesn’t feel like home. I had to come back to getting the military shoved down my thoart. But I can promise you that I will be back. I don’t know when or how but I will be back.

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