Window Treatment Ideas That Can Transform a Room

Willing to create a focal point in a room but not getting any idea? The easiest solution is to consider the window treatment. Although, this feature is not ignored entirely, the renovators normally stick with the simplicity of design while paying attention to other details of the room. One major reason is that they leave the window treatment option a bit customizable for the home owners. So, if you are ready to make the room design special while keeping the simplicity of other details intact, here are a few window treatment tips that you may find helpful.

The consisting design

This design is characterized by design’s consistency throughout the room’s space. The window curtains need to match the color of ceiling, rug and the walls. The shades in the same color may vary though.


Mohair curtains are appropriate choice when you use them in a room with walls and ceiling painted with brighter color. The contrast between curtains and other room details can actually be the strongest point of this idea.

Curtains with swinging arms

Swing arm curtains basically consist of rods that swing and the curtains hanging with these rods. Hence, a rod with a hanging curtain practically becomes an addition window door that you can open to see the outside view.

Simple curtains with paneled walls

This window treatment idea is not about shifting focal point from curtains to the walls. It is about making the curtain part of room’s overall theme. The paneled wall, usually created by using stone veneer or faux stone, is the gets its color highlighted well due to bright color of curtain.

Fretwork panels

If you do not want to use curtains with the windows but still willing to get the windows covered, you can use fretwork panels. The fretwork panels may be a little expensive as compared to curtains but this window treatment is applicable to any room design. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of designs that you can choose for the fretwork panels to be installed in your windows.

Stained glass

If you want to keep the room bright by avoiding the curtains but still wanting to block inside view from the outside, you can use stained glass for as a window treatment. The stained glass is usually prepared either by applying paints of different colors or by texturized the glass granularly.