Everybody seems to think they won’t be able out there. 
Most of’em get out there with little or no courage from here.
Like then when we doubted the things we wanted to write.
We would start our write ups with that disease, in mind, known as blight.
That’s how all those ideas escape my mind, like those times i failed to see ur love right before my eyes.
Now, i know that there’s something that isn’t but can still just be.
And faith says we can’t fight it, even as small as it can be.
Everybody now gets to write just about anything
For me
Like me, i see how your heart gladdens when i say nice things.
And i know, coz it kind of make me like you the more.
When you out there, 
Don’t be like how everybody left here.
Stay strong as ur smiles
See joy in my eyes like am ur own child,
Then when you beat them all,
Hang in there for a while, 
So they see how you’ve outstandingly worked your way up there.
And don’t ever forgot, 
That i did believe in you in the days of your little beginnings.

Now you’re big. Tis like Magic

Amazing how time flies!!.

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