Today I’ll point another finger at Pain.
It’s so cruel and so bitter and insane.
Every stroke of it reminds me, 
Of efforts that went in vain.
The weights we felt even on our veins.

Today I wanna cry again.
Coz I have dirtied your fane.
 Drained away joy from your lane, 
And with a cane, I have slain trust that was before us without stain.

Will "us" ever be regain?
Our pleasure train, our smiles that we gained.?

I feel regrets like Cain. 
It pours in my heart like rain.
But I have myself to blame.
The lies, and wrong deeds will all remain.
Yes..! I know I have nothing to explain.
But I pray your heart ll sustain this pain... 
While I campaign to win your trust again.