Things to be remembered to design a flawless resume/CV

Most of the time we get advice on things we should include in our resume/CV but how often do you see good advice on the things to leave off?

But today, we’ll share things you should avoid on your resume. Landing your dream job is all about impressing potential employers with the things they need to know, and not wasting their time with things that are irrelevant to them.

Things not to include in a resume/CV:

  • Avoid using self-praising words.
  • Phases like duties and responsibilities which make your resume about what you accomplished, not what you were supposed to do in the job.
  • Using too many nouns and pronouns.
  • Statements in objectives/summary showing what you want from the job.
  • Not using bullet points may confuse employers and they miss the key evidence of your qualification.
  • Making grammatical errors.
  • Using stylish fonts.
  • Not rereading the resume before applying for the jobs.
  • Interest or hobbies which do not bear any relevance to the job.
  • Sending same resume for all job applications.
  • Reason for leaving your previous job.
  • Submitting wrong/incorrect or incomplete information.
  • Irrelevant experience and experience from distant past.
  • Writing personal information like weight, height, political affiliation or place of birth.
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