10 Reasons to Create a Chatbot

We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend” — Mark Zuckerberg at F8 2016

#1 Reply Instantly 24/7

This is the goal #1 for all businesses, right? Immediate replies to their customers. No waiting list. Chatbots are perfect for that. Isn’t it what you expect when you’re a customer yourself? You want answers right away. No exceptions.

I just wanted to ask about address of the bank to make a transaction. 31 minutes!! No way!

#2 Automate FAQ

Customers ask same questions over and over again. This will never change. Have you ever worked at a customer support department? Well, I did. No matter how human you are, you do not have enough time, you’re forced to use canned responses. A lot of them. This problem can be solved by chatbots. Instant replies to commonly asked questions. And if needed a human assistant can always jump into a conversation.

#3 Engage Customers

We create chatbots to behave like humans. Besides that they can reply instantly to commonly asked questions, they can also engage customers with rich content such as images, files, video, audio, and conversation. This makes the conversation feel like it’s flowing.

#4 Customize Notifications

You are allowed to subscribe users to receive updates about your product and product-related news. You can ask them about their opinion on certain things. It’s a new way of communication, more powerful and more promising.

#5 Get More Data

You will get literally tons of new data that you can analyze and also discover new trends from it. You will see what questions are most common. You will also get new ideas from your customers.

#6 Be Where Your Customers Are

Messengers are extremely popular right now. We use them every day to text friends or family. Why not be there when your customers need you? Big companies such as SkyScanner, PizzaHut, CNN, BBC understand that they were among first to create a chatbot and get the most out of them.

#7 Become More Personal

“Conversation is the most human — and humanizing — thing we do. ” Sherry Turkle.

A chatbot is different from all other tools. It can be personalized as a human or cartoon character. It can actually have a character. If done right it will represent your brand and act on your behalf. You get a digital employee ready to serve you 24/7.

#8 Generate Leads

Visitors are your potential customers. You’ve got a minute to ask right questions and show right things. You hold all you customer’s attention for that time. Use it wisely.

#9 Be Modern

A chatbot is something that came as entertainment and a trendy thing. It’s something that is cool to have. You can build a very simple version starting from $0 investment. There are tons of free chatbot platforms with great UX. You can create a very simple chatbot and publish it in several hours.

#10 Be Fun. Be creative

There are literally no boundaries to your imagination when it comes to chatbots. There are no rules, it’s a new tool, you can test, fail, improve, no one will judge. It’s fun for a company to have a chatbot, it shows that you’re different. Be among first. Start today.