Chatbots for Customer Support

Support in 21st century must be different. How? Automated!

Customer Support is at heart of every business. Traditional customer support works through FAQs on the website, web contact forms or email. In any case, the customer must be active and search for the answer. This changes with help of AI Chatbots. AI Chatbots let customers interact with the brand as if they interact with a human. Most customers have typical problems and they have to go through typical procedures to solve them.

AI Chatbots help to organize and track these procedures. In most cases when chatbot is not able to help the customer, the conversation will be forwarded to a human. The conversation data is analyzed and blind spots in customer support are added to chatbot.

The companies below promise to help automate customer support. They all have one thing in common — they use chatbots. You definitely have to check them out. Let’s have a closer look at what they are offering.


Ada saves time and reduces your support volume by giving instant responses to your most frequently asked questions any time of day, seven days a week


Help your customers quickly and sell better.


Faqbot is an advanced customer support technology that transform your companies’s FAQs page into a conversational agent based on the web, Facebook and Messenger platforms.


Flashchat is the easiest way to automate customer support & sales through Facebook Messenger and discover the power of Conversational Commerce. No coding or UX expertise is required.


Create your bot in 10 minutes — Engati handles everything else, setup, publishing, learning, traffic analysis, learning modules and a rich analytics dashboard. Engati is already being used as a Customer service bot in various business lines and domains.
Web chatbot by Engati