Goalkeeper: The most important player in a football team

Just like a tester is to its Agile team. It is not hard to list down the reasons why someone would think that way. Although it is almost impossible to convince people, and not just any chap but the tester himself, of the same. And guess what, shit lands at a tester’s desk first and then the rest of the team, whether it is before or after the release. Hope you got the metaphor. Lets start with the constrains a keeper has to work with. Most of the time he is a long away from the action, has limited view of the ball, can barely communicate with the team and is probably only in the frame now because the rest of his team has failed to be at their best. Should I even mention the punishment called ‘Penalties’? The game is tied and the only way out is to put the goalie in the firing line. And lets not forget the transfer window. Its the strikers, just like the devs, are the most expensive players in the market. Testers too have limited view of the action they are part of. Although they can communicate extensively with the team these days but he is in the frame to prevent anomalies. Asked to perform a task with innumerable possibilities with little or no understanding of the source code, he is the guy who gets blamed when a user does something he did not had the time to do himself. Did I mention the penalty to a tester called ‘Deadline’? The ball of code being shot at us with limited time to react. Atleast the keeper gets to know whether something bad happened in a second. We sometimes have to wait for months and even years. This is why I think these guys are the unsung heroes of their respective teams.

Get back to work now, will you?

Originally published at ashucantcodesaala.blogspot.com.

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