Man’s greatest enemy is Doubt.

Unless that man is a software tester or someone working in an investigation agency or anything similar. This title is the quote I heard while watching the latest TV series I am hooked onto, Spartacus. Great quotes like this always make an impression whether you are a series junkie or not. Back to the tester. This characteristic is one of the many a tester needs to have to be a good one. Not in terms of doubting himself but software under test. Although, self doubt once in a while is always healthy. A tester needs to doubt almost everything the company claims the software does. Even if it does what is advertised one should not be easily convinced. She should be hard to pacify even though the feature works in different browsers and internet speeds. Even though the said event occurs a 1000 times there still a chance it may not occur 1001th time. Every submit, select, cancel and more should be repeated in different situations almost to the point of obsession. Hell, James Whittaker named a tour ‘The obsessive compulsive’ tour for such a behavior. His books has been of great help for the last few years. Thanks James. So you might ask, where should one draw the line? Well, I am still trying to figure that out. I just stop short of getting paranoid, to say the least. Because unless you doubt almost everything you see when you are logged in, you are probably missing something. And I hope that thing is not a bug.


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