Testing in the IT services firms in India, well, atleast most of them.

Note — Cuss words ahead. After a few yrs of wasting my career around no good losers, this is the best way I think to make your point. Sorry for any grammatical errors, if any. English is not my first language and I am trying to be good at it.

Its Saturday, early (very early) Morning in India and my Manager just can’t wait for the Sun to rise. Guess why? Friday was the delivery day for the plethora of changes our client sitting in US, who does not even feel the need to have a dedicated tester in his team, had ordered. And btw, in India, the tag for an employee not being ‘Billed’ to the client is, ‘Non Billable’. How tough was that to guess? Back to the point. Now the unreasonable part of a tester’s life in an average IT services company in India.

In the following discussion, Manager: M and Tester: T

M: We have promised the date from the client. Can’t let him down again, we’re fast losing his trust because of frequent issues he keeps getting. T: Ok Sir, will try my best. When do you want me to begin?

M: When the development is over. T: When do you expect that to happen?

M: (Frustrated tone) I will let you know. T: What are the changes exactly? I have lots of doubts.

M: Get it clarified from the coder when they are done with their work. T: Sir, I have had many arguments in the past about the requirements. They either say its a really stupid doubt or they say ‘it doesn’t matter, our prime concern is the shit should work’. M: So, do that. T: I am not sure that even if it does that, there may not be related issues, which may sound minor or insignificant as of now. M: We’ll see later, I have to run now. T: But Sir, how much time will I have to test? M: A few hours.

T: (Shocked) Is it worth even wasting those hours then?

M: Do your best. Who is paying for this testing anyways?

T: Ok. So, were you able to guess why the manager was awake on Friday night? Well, after having dinner and doing his famiily chores, for a few minutes he was hooked onto some shitty Bollywood movie. Unfortunately, he received an even shittier mail from the client about his findings from the release.

Hope, you got your answer.

Originally published at ashucantcodesaala.blogspot.com.

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