The first BACKFLIP which changed the game

Has anyone heard of Freestyle motocross? I’d heard about it while I was in college but knew nothing about it until I watched the documentary ‘Unchained’. Most of you are probably wondering why I am talking about something which has nothing to do with testing. It’s because something happened during the evolution of the game which is just waiting to happen in Software testing. Let me elaborate. There is something called Backflip in motocross where a rider takes off the ramp does a 360 degree rotation and lands on the other side, without tasting the dirt ofcourse. There was a time when no one had even imagined it would become such an integral part of the sport. A rider named ‘Carey Hart’ attempts it during one of the X games but fails to execute to perfection. He attempts it the next year and fails again. This time with a brutal injury to him. The sport had to wait 2 years since his first attempt for someone to do it perfectly. But the moment the guy was able to flip it to perfection, the game was changed. Guess what happened in the subsequent years? The trick had become the gold standard for assessing participants. People who were unable to pull it off were not able to stay in the sport and had to find a new line of work. So how does it relate to testing? Well, for starters we are still following 20 year old approaches under the facade of new buzzwords such as Scrum and DevOps, in my country atleast. Nobody is able to look beyond the current processes they are tied to. No matter how much a company boasts itself to be agile and whatnot, they still think old processes work which probably didn’t work those days too.

I hope a Carey Hart emerges from amongst the millions of testers working in the industry. There are already some 50 year olds independent testers who are doing exactly that, changing the game. Lets hope the game of testing is changed so much by these Backflippers that people following the old nonsense are forced out of the game.

Happy Holi.

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