The woman with nerves of steel.

Hello again,

Today I am going off track, writing about someone I highly respect and if possible, would like to know whatever it is that goes through her talented head.

Walking like a quiet cat, talking like a mom talking to her toddler and working without a single sign of annoyance, even in the most unreasonable situations, I have no clue how she manages to do that. Sitting right beside me, she chooses to answer stupid, and sometimes not so stupid, questions I and many other people on my floor shoot at her. The word patience would easily fall short if I was asked to characterise her by one word. She is so nice to people, even a##holes, that I had to ask her to atleast try to be rude in some situtations.

I am guessing she was one of the top performers of her batch in school and college. Growing up in a modest environment she has all the qualities, or maybe more, an underdog would have who comes from nothing. It would probably be wrong to tag her as an introvert but my guess is she also not a total extro too. No tantrums like most other girls of her generation, little care about makeup or fashion I suppose and the level of care for her family most people would aspire to have.

Let me tell you one more thing, while I was preparing for this blog she barely answered my questions. One answer was she would like to be thrown back to being a child again, if possible. Makes me wonder what it is that is going on now in her head which stops her from being childlike again.

Ok miss P, I hope I was right on a few things about you. You are one of a kind. Someone I, or for that matter any sane person, would like to be around.

Thanks for letting me write this.

C you next week.

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