Solar Surge Protectors protecting the future of Solar

Solar, the upcoming source of power to run commercials, industries, inventories and so on. Solar Power is harnessed by sun and now enabled as the major clue to generate power. Talking general, the solar power that is to be forwarded to run the equipments and installation primarily has to go through DC side of the photovoltaic installation and after then it’s been proceed on to the solar inverter. At the end of the solar inverter, our AC power gets converted to DC current (which did pass by the series of solar panels). The arrangement is undoubtedly all sorted in its ways and simply arranged. But no doubt the installation of Photovoltaics is expensive yet steady. Its repair and maintenance cannot be carrying out repeatedly due to the heavy cost. Hence, to compensate with vulnerabilities & cost, Solar/PV Surge Protection Devices are manufactured to provide an official protection to the whole grid.

Solar /PV Surge Protection device

Lightning Strikes and in fact any natural calamity does not approach the target with pre-warnings or pre-determined intensity of danger. The volume of the solar installations made are highly exposed to the atmosphere which is simply proportional to the fact that it is more obliged towards occurrence of lightning strikes. Each lightning bolt possess very high range of current from hundredths to thousands. Lightning interception by an unprotected PV installation on a land is the objective to be worked on! To fulfill the requirement, Solar Surge Protection devices are installed with the system to maintain the linear flow of current.

PV Surge Protectors are duly available to bear high load and available in range up to 1500V. The SPDs are duly installed at the back of the main panel to revert against transient spikes routing towards the DC side of the installation. It simply blocks the reverse current by diverting it into the ground so that the excessive undesired generated current cannot path itself towards the main distribution panel and the linked circuitries. Conclusively, PV Surge Protection Devices are competently designed for solar cell protection & DC side of the inverter so as to protect them from shortcomings and generated surges.