That’s an impossible task, and a bad way to think about technology’s role in society. Perpetuating the myth of a monolithic “tech industry” overtaxes our ability to manage the changes that technology is making to society, and that overload threatens to have increasingly negative impacts.
There is no “technology industry”
Anil Dash

Every business of future will be a tech company first. Tech is no more a ‘competitive advantage’. It’s the platform. I think we are even getting over the idea ‘technology led disruptions’ (read Amazon or Uber in their respective areas). The new normal is businesses built atop a solid technology core with full stack customized to a specific industry. Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, retail, media, research, education, health care or transport ; no industry is an exception now. As regards to future of tech industry, I think it’s going to be multiple layers of generic solutions open sourced by contributing businesses and then adapted by others for their industries. Imagine banking services on per user per month basis -:) Or hosted solar panels for those living in cold sky scrapers a true ‘infrastructure as a service’.

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