My daughter started a publication in (Syn Bio space) and she wanted me to be first follower. I had typical objections that any end user has. “Its just another blog site” I said. You are already on word press , why medium?

She is smart girl. “Dad its simple , clean and like iOS running on web” . That last thing got my attention. And I started exploring an end user. Two hours later , I had couple of publications configured and was feeling optimistic about writing…again!

What separates medium from word press ? probably WordPress has lot more features. I think the first is the word “publication” . The central theme is a realization that writing seldom works in isolation. But collectively its a big force. It also underlines that editor is not a dead job. In fact editing is needed more than ever given that web and mobile is growing ultra exponentially.

The second feature that I really liked was ability to highlight (and comment) on a line or paragraph with in an article. That’s going deep. On macro level you can build collections of articles into a publication. At micro level you can go deep to paragraph, sentence or even down to a word to highlight, comment and share. Something like sound cloud where you can comment on a specific note. What is remarkable is all these features packed into an elegant unobtrusive interface. A full vertical writing environment from a single word to a full blown publication.

Medium takes a very different approach to your content. Just like Twitter, your comments are also your content. They show up on your profile just like retweets do. That’s really an incentive to readers cuz writing flourishes only with readers. In fact , reading and writing are two wheels of biggest invention of mankind. An asynchronous mechanism of learning. Medium takes it to next level by making it complimentary and collaborative. In commercial world they call it engagement. In essence, the engagement is built in by design rather than a superficial add-on.

I am still discovering features and I am equally sure people at Medium have many more to realize.

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