So I listened to Elon Musk for A Whole Day…

They say our environment decides who we are and that it shapes our worldview. I listened to Elon Musk for a whole day and this is what I learned.

So, I have been home for the better part of the weekend, listening to joe organ and other successful people, trying to pass my time as a lot of other people do. Before this weekend, I knew the name Elon Musk but I had never seen him talk or speak at a conference. Oh, boy was I in for a surprise.

The beginning of it all

I stumbled upon the Joe Rogan podcast with Elon Musk, the infamous podcast in which he smoked weed and that made global news for some reason, “oh look super-intelligent human smoking weed, how amazing.” Throughout the podcast, I was hooked. They talked about everything from quantum physics to batteries to flamethrowers to chimpanzees (of course chimpanzees, it's Joe Rogan for god’s sake.) I felt so positive at the end of it, because it felt like I learned so much, and the podcast was hilarious too.

Falling into the abyss of musk-ness

Since then, I have been a fan of Elon Musk. I watched the next podcast, then the next. then I started watching his interviews, and every one of them was unique. it never felt like he was repeating a thing. The biggest thing that happened was it opened new horizons in my mind. Here’s how:

Space travel

living in a headspace where we are just on one giant ball of matter, and the universe is so much bigger automatically calms a person down because they don't take things seriously. it is also exciting because there is so much to explore, and so much to look forward to. We spend so much time thinking about and worrying about the little things in life that we don't put things into perspective. listening to Elon changed that. No wonder he constantly posts memes and has so much fun while doing possibly the most hectic job on the planet, because it all is so much bigger for him, this is just the beginning for humanity, which is what puts life into perspective.

Flamethrowers, or maybe not-flamethrowers

One such example of this is The Boring Company. This guy started a company as a joke that made random stuff for the sake of fun, and so one day they just decided to make a kind of fire throwing matching that looks like a flame thrower but really isn’t technically. The whole stock sold out in a few minutes. The point is, that he is able to do things like this because he doesn’t take anything other than space travel seriously. all he cares about is sustainable energy and space travel.

What you can learn

Here’s everything that I noticed is worth learning, yet.

first things first

Calm down. Don’t take things seriously, you have one life, relax and then think about what you wanna do because life is gonna end anyway, if it's gonna end anyway, I might as well be chill and make the best of it.

Second: R.E.A.D.

One of the employees working at SpaceX as an astronaut once mentioned that Elon was able to have esoteric conversations with all kinds of employees at SpaceX. from physics to engineering, the whole thing. And if we really think about it. The reason why Elon Musk is a unique billionaire is that he is more than a businessman. He is a polymath. He is an engineer, a scientist. No other billionaire on this planet is as powerful as Elon Musk without being hated by the majority, like Jeff Bezos for example, people don't necessarily like Jeff.

People like Elon Musk, because he is more than a power-hungry businessman who is chasing something for greater than money. ‘But…but…what does that have to do with reading’, you may be thinking, it has everything to do with reading because the foreknowledge and ideas you consume, the better equipped you become at finding the truth and following it, at living the right life, at finding your mission and doing as much as you can on this planet. You have one life, wouldn’t you want to know as much as you can before it all goes away? I certainly would. Building a hunger for great books from multiple fields is something that very few people do, but it can be very rewarding.

Third: momentum

Don’t stop, keep going, the more you change context, the worse it will get for you to win. choose one thing and keep at it, then when it's done, do something else. This may seem contradictory to the last point of reading multiple types of books, but it is actually complementary to it. When you focus on one thing for long enough, it can be learned in WAY less time than otherwise, which means you can do multiple things in the same day, just like Elon runs multiple heavy companies simultaneously.


The conclusion is that the great things in life are simple. Reading, working, consistency. We all already know this, but seeing a role model do it in action can certainly help, because it shows how magnificent and efficient it really is, in action.

On that note, let me introduce you to the world of stories and perspectives. I regularly write about strategy, life advice, and many more things about the modern world on this platform. if you liked this breakdown of Elon Musk I’ve done, I hope you’ll consider following. I hope you have a nice day. Thanks.



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