How To Differentiate Fake SEO Agency/ Expert And Real SEO Expert?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a logical science which is dependent on reasoning and analytical power of an individual. It requires a lot of efforts to actually becoming an SEO Expert. In fact, the expertise in SEO can’t get measured by the number of years one spends in the industry. Even a 2 years experienced SEO may have a better knowledge and understanding than 10 years experienced SEO professional. As being part of this industry while I communicate with people in different forums, Q&A sites, social networking sites, etc. I get to see many so called SEO experts give fake and silly suggestions to people who are looking for genuine suggestions. We all know that from these platforms, many people choose SEO agencies to outsource digital marketing of their website, application or products, and some of them hire full time resources. The main thing to be concerned about is, these SEO experts themselves don’t know what SEO actually is! They are following silly practices which will not only waste your money and time, but will also build “Negative SEO” which can harm your website and reputation under different Google algorithmic policies. Thus, it is extremely important to be very much careful while choosing an SEO expert or SEO agency for your company or Brand.

In this article, I will share a few common statements used by these fake SEO experts:

You will get top 3 rankings within X months

Even Google can’t guarantee ranking in certain time. A real SEO expert would actually encourage you to not run behind this ranking race and focus on KPIs & ROI. Still, we all know keyword ranking is important so they will give an Assurance than giving the guarantee as guarantee is not possible my dear friend because Google is not an uncle of any SEO expert. :)

Do X many submissions in X many places and you will start getting indexed & ranked

This is the funniest thing! There are no as such specified submissions, which can get you indexed. There is a logical & an algorithmic process of getting indexed. Yes, submissions can help you to get indexed and there is logic behind it, but this is not the way a real SEO suggests.

For your industry X activity will give 100% increase in the visitors

SEO is made up of a whole lot of activities and each activity plays its own role in building your digital footprint. Yes, some activities give better results over the other and some are useless some time, but you can’t get results with a single activity.

I will get 100% traffic from the X region with my SEO

This is not so true! SEO is a universal process and you will get results from almost everywhere. Yes, there are a few region wise SEO activities which will bring region specific traffic, but you will also get traffic from other regions. You can call it a side-effect or bonanza offer for getting benefits from the whole globe while targeting a single region. If you are too determined to get traffic from a specific region, then paid and highly targeted ad is the only key. An SEO expert knows this and will educate you about this fact.

Hide almost everything from you

An SEO expert knows that the knowledge and skills he has can’t get stolen by sharing. He is always ready to educate the customers about each and every fact to answer the concerns and curiosity. Yes, of course, there are a few confidential things which they don’t share such as a database or detailed strategy they use, but they never hesitate in answering your questions. Trust me, there answers will be satisfactory. While a fake SEO expert either refuses to explain things or fumble while explaining. The simple reason behind this is even he doesn’t know about the details. :D

These are the most common things you can find in so called SEO experts. They are too good at making promises and offering cheap rates often because their core agenda is to get the project and earn for as many months as they can. While a real SEO expert will tell you the bitter truths and explain what is possible and what is not because for them your project is a new challenge and they want to ensure success for you.

Final Suggestion

Always choose expertise over sales pitch and skills over cheap solution.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any question you may have in mind.

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