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Prayer and Meditation

The air crisp on her tongue, and cold in her lungs, she sat there breathing it in. With her eyes closed in meditation and prayer she began to envision a grey, rocky shore that was just damp from the outset tide. There become seagulls chirping near a light house to the right. Then her soul begins to slip away.

“silhouette photo of person sitting on rock at the seashore” by Josh Adamski on Unsplash

Blue, the ocean, and Misty, the air dance like ones in love. There’s a gaze of sun clearing over the forestry infused mountains behind where she stands. She’s right at the edge of the forest and the toes of her bare feet tickle one of the semi-large sized rocks separating her from the waves. She steps out, softly.

Walking towards the water, she feels anxious. Ready to deal with today’s issues. The large rocks shrink the closer she gets to the sand. Not unlike the gradual melting of her worries as her feet finally reach the shallows.

There, the slow wave washes up over her feet, hardly past her ankles. Tipping her head up and closing her eyes, the cool touch of the wave reminds her to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. As the wave pulls away, it strips the sand from around and under her feet in a motion that feels cleansing. She feels the sand crawling away underneath her toes when the water pulls back to it’s whole.

Breathing with the wind, she releases her burdens.

“silhouette of woman during sunset” by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Her feet continue sinking in the sand. She raises her arms, lifting her hands in praise of the life she’s been given. The sun is higher now and revealing the vibrancy around her.

Bask in this relief.

Gleam in this solitude.

Consume the replenishing nature.

Her God’s glory is beaming within her aura. The purity of her renewal is grounding to her core.

Where have her afflictions gone?

Much like the ocean pulling the waves it releases back to it’s body, through the next deep breath, her soul floats back into hers.