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Southern Tamil Nadu is a place known for its rich culture and lush greenery. Kadayam is a small town near Ambasamudram, a place blessed with the amusing Western Ghats and the ever famous Courtallam. It welcomes you with all Greens. Kadayam is known for its thick historic roots which dates back to Bharathiyar times. His second love (first being Tamil), his wife — Chellamal bares nativity here. This land imprints his foot steps and several of his thoughts penned down while laying rest on some mountain rocks. …

Ninja Mode activated. Wakes up super early and sneaks past his parents who are still asleep. Tiptoes towards the hall. Slowly twists the door knob without creaking. Grabs his Bicycle and starts his glorious Saturday. Fresh, cold but soothing air caresses his face. Empty streets. No strings attached. It’s a different feeling altogether. Not being ordered or suppressed by any higher being. All world’s yours. It’s still dark but just the right time to start the adventure. A typical morning of a 10 Year old by the early 2000.

Life was absolute. Life then was just about how you live…

Recently I read one of Dan Brown’s novels named “Origin” and it basically revolves around two important questions of our Human Kind.

Where do we come from?

Where are we going?

This got me thinking. Dan was right on many occasions as he quoted in his book. We Human beings have always tied up things which we don’t understand, to religion. As time extends, Science has grown progressively to an extent that it collides with our religious beliefs.

Every night when i close my eyes, i drive through only one question. Where do we go after we die? This very…


I write for fun!

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