Resources are limited.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

If sun light was available all the time there would not have been any need for the light bulb, If brain could store and process every single thing no one would have bothered to make a computer.
For the same reasons if we had infinite amount of cables and manpower no one would have bothered to create the internet as we know it. Every computer connected to each other Everyone knows everyone.

Everything starts at how to efficiently use the limited resources we have at hand and that is what i studied today.

What is Internet?

Internet is a collection of computers connected directly or indirectly to each other for the purpose of communication.

Computers communicate with each other using Physically connecting wires or Wireless technologies like WiFi and Bluetooth.


A smart device which keeps record of every computer’s address and sends data to the right computer. A router can be setup anywhere in the network hierarchy, we can connect multiple computers to a router and that router to another router which is connected to several other computers creating a network.

We have to connect our computer where?

Your ISP’s Router. ISP stands for internet service provider and he manages all the underlying infrastructure to connect your computer to the INTERNET.
You need to pay him of course.

Still want to learn how it works.

Let’s start with telephonic lines which connects you to the world, going through depth of ocean, connecting continents. Your ISP buys Bandwidth in that infra from the owner of the infrastructure and then provides you an interface with the telephonic technology and that interface is modem.

You have connected your computer to your friend’s computer efficiently.



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