Community Update — NuCypher — September 2021

Community Update - NuCypher - September 2021

Ryan C and David Nuñez talk about what’s been happening under the hood at NuCypher.

David Nuñez and NuCypher have been working together since 2017 when David was postdoc at University of Malaga researching Cryptography and proxy re-encryption. David is now NuCypher’s CTO. He is the author of Umbral, the underlying cryptosystem in NuCypher. The NuCypher team is working on several efforts in parallel to the Keep merger. This will add further usability to the NuCypher network and its cryptography products.

The main topics covered in this interview are:
- DKG Alice (abiotic Alice)
- NuCypher in the browser
- The Threshold Network
- NuCypher on other Layer 1s and L2s.

DKG Alice (abiotic Alice)
An upgrade for Alice was designed with feedback from projects scoping to use NuCypher. This will add the ability for Alice to create conditional policies. Expected launch on Q1 next year.

An example would be a subscription platform that wants to share content with a user. The user must pay for the content to get access. DKG Alice (the platform in this case) doesn’t need to know the user(s) in advance, all Alice needs to know is if the user has paid. Right now NuCypher v1 the platform needs to know the user in advance. NuCypher v2 with DKG Alice will solve this.

NuCypher in the Browser
Several different efforts are underway to make our current NuCypher version a fully 100% browser experience. This includes a Rust implementation of Umbral and the use of Porter.
These efforts create a more robust developer stack for developers using NuCypher.

What infura is to Ethereum, Porter is to NuCypher. Everything related to networking and node discovery (which is required by the client), P2P, and high-level requests can be done through porter (an external provider).

90–95% complete, this will go live before DKG Alice.

The Threshold Network
One of the major events in the decentralized world being the first merger.

A snapshot is currently live to form the DAO and governance

As with all smart contracts there are risks. Third parties have been scheduled for audits. The safety of the smart contracts won’t be traded off for speed to market.

Trying to hit the proposed timeline of Oct. however safely merging is the top priority. As with all smart contracts there are risks. Third parties have been scheduled for audits of the smart contracts.

NuCypher on other Layer 1s and Layer 2s
An exciting prospect for the future of NuCypher.

It’s more clear now than a few years ago how the future seems multilayered. It will be important to be as interoperable as possible.

Already a project working on a Polkadot bridge with a grant from the Web3 foundation (Nulink)

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