Yajna reflection questions
Sowmya Gopal

Submitted on behalf of Anju O’Connor, Peoria

  1. Shravana is the self reflection aspect which brings order/purpose 0r clarity to our mind.

2. The three strings represent a reminder for one to bring all thought,words,and deeds towards god and we are never alone. There is only god.

3. Ways to appreciate our parents — listening to their story and advice, spending time with them ( engage in their interests /hobbies, cooking ,cleaning,playing a board game,going to temple ,chanting a chapter of gita,going to ashram retreat,going gym, taking a walk- just being available with our time).

Expressing our gratitude with a note,card, with a hug or smile. If disagreements exist, then finding a way to resolve the dispute in a respectful manner — to melt the bitterness. Agree to disagree and move on by sharing time and acceptance of one another.

4. Invoke joy by learning new things, volunteering ,saying no to some things,spending more time family and friends,attending sating,reading scriptures, japa, teaching balvihar to first and second graders. trying to be a better listener when it comes to hubby and kids. Iam also reflecting on some situations that bring me sorrow/ anger and finding a better way to handle for future- so as not to repeat the same mistake( this will be a constant battleor challenge). Evoke joy with expecting the diferent results by doing the same thing . Reacting too quickly with anger ,sorrow or dissappointment with self, others. Evoke joy also by tuning out responsibilities.

5.Ways to sublimate jealousy:

stepping outside situation and reflecting with logic and mindfulness

  • seeing that I am whole without needing ,object or person to complete me
  • understanding the results are not in my hand.
  • Wanting and needing are two different things
  • loving myself the way i am and understanding/ alligning with my true nature
  • being aware that this jealousy is just a thought and it can pass or have less power if Ido not cling to it. DO JAPA — in thought ,word, and deed( writing).
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