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I don’t get this

Rod Rosenstein has stated that the issue with Comey was that he extended his ambit from investigation into judgment. This is serious indeed, as it brings into question whether the FBI is independent in its acquisition of intel, or has an outcome based view on the acquisition of Intel. And Rod Rosenstein quotes ex AJs across governments who take the above stand. Further, the way Comey stepped beyond his ambit, via a Press Conference (suo sponta to quote Rosenstein), does lend a lot of credence to the argument that he (Rosenstein) makes against Comey.

For the media to trivialize this into Comey was fired because he was mean to Hilary or that because he did a Press Conference is in bad taste.

All the above does not take away a couple of points
1. Rosenstein’s memo is dated 9th of May as is Sessions memo as is Trumps memo. Is this the extent of deliberation that is to be followed for a decision of such import, that within say 12 working hours, a series of missives can trigger such a monumental outcome?

2. The Trump Campaign (a collective noun that includes Trump though not specifically targeting him as an individual) is under investigation for collusion with Russia in their (Russian) proven interference in the US elections of 2016. What plan did the DOJ (represented I guess by Rosenstein, since Sessions has recused himself from this investigation) have in place to pursue its quest for Justice (qui pro dominia justitia sequitur), in light of its own recommendations on Comey?

In my view, these are the objective questions to be asked.

The first question is relevant because Trump controls nuclear warheads. People need to be reassured that he is not a trigger happy individual, who takes unprecedented decisions almost unilaterally and instantly, on the basis of correspondence received.

The second question is relevant because the FBI reports into the DOJ as does the National Security Division. When the Sep 11th attacks took place, the NSD promulgated the Patriot Act which was and still is seen widely, as a mechanism that gives far reaching powers to the US president & official machinery over the rights of citizens. It is imperative that the DOJ be committed to acting in the interests of the citizens of the United States and not the interests of the individual/government, and this question serves to understand the depth of this commitment in their actions towards the ongoing investigation.