Hiding in Plain Sight

Ortega (2015). Las Penas. Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I was once challenged to rhyme,

But honestly I can’t.

So I thought about lying

Then I just chose to rant.

Seven nickels and one dime

Helps me hunt my quarry.

When the white worm is dying

Early birds go hungry.

The guitar string is broken,

Of course the train is packed.

Third line represents danger:

My mirror has since cracked.

The tall man has now spoken,

His fans have applauded.

The goats have left the manger;

My line’s not included.

Take off your stupid red hat!

The young inclusive screams.

Sorry, dear co-workers,

We share prosthetic dreams.

My body only grows fat,

My wallet is thinner.

Thirteen digital lurkers

Tell me I’m a sinner.

13 x 2 x 7

Enough syllables here

To hide your face from my thoughts

Half the days of the year.