Does it really help being multitalented?

If I have to count the number of different kinds of hobby classes that I have attended since childhood, I might end up feeling short of fingers to count them.

More than me, most of the times it was my mother who would be over excited about my summer vacations. She would have already figured out what I would be learning the coming vacation. When I happen to think about those days, even if I would be irritated at times for having to get to the classes while I was half asleep or when I would be playing with my friends, somewhere inside I used to feel proud for being “multitalented”. I could actually brag about it in school at various occasions when I could display my versatility.

Unfortunately, none of those hobbies got converted into my profession. Reason being, I never took them seriously enough to pursue them as a profession. But when my idle mind starts thinking of what can I chose as an alternate career if at all I feel I need some change, I don’t know if it can be one of those partially pursued hobbies. That makes me sad.

It feels all those moments of pride while in school are momentary. May be the term “multitalented” can be used as an appropriate word to describe, being able to do multiple things moderately while in school. The things that then run in my mind are, would it have been better if instead I had learnt one or two other things but to depth? But, how would I know what could those things be? What if I have really been fascinated by multiple things that I have wanted to try my hands at? and so on. But the point is, today I can’t call myself “multitalented”.

However, I feel even if those classes can’t give me an alternate career today, the learnings that I have from those classes have certainly contributed immensely towards my all round personality development, thought process along with many other intangible small additions. Hence, it shouldn’t be hard to find, nurture and pursue the tangible output of an alternate career, if at all I have to, from the learnings that I have.